Happy Mother’s Day to all the women in our lives who care

Sidney Lions Club  District 19-I Spring Conference


hosts of


Attended by Lioness Irene, Amanda, Judith, Annette and Nelles


for 1 UP,  and Victoria Woman’s Transition House 

Lioness Susanne, Irene, Leslie, Judith and Amanda

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MAY 27 th ,6 p.m.

Golden City Restaurant



Purchase you tickets now for a fascinating, and tastey  evening!

Celebrate Canada 150, with Honourable Dr. Vivienne Poy when she discusses her new book ” Heroes & Gamblers: Tales of Survival and Good Fortune of the Poy Family.”   Enhance your understanding   of the Chinese diaspora and immigration  in Canada .

Vivienne Poy was born into a prominent Hong Kong family in 1941. Her early years were marked by war and displacement. When she was just three months old Hong Kong was invaded by the Japanese, forcing her family to flee to China, where they spent the war years as refugees. Upon returning to Hong Kong after the war, her family resumed a position of influence and service to the community. Vivienne Poy immigrated to Canada in 1959, enrolling at McGill University, where she earned an Honours degree in History.

Years later she received two highly distinguished honours from the University, on the same day. Just minutes prior to her official installation as The University of Toronto’s 315t Chancellor in June 2003, Senator Poy, a Chinese Canadian immigrant woman, walked across the stage at Convocation Hall to receive her Ph.D in History for a dissertation on Chinese Canadian women immigrants.

Her stunning academic achievements – all conducted while simultaneously running a corporation and serving the public as a volunteer and Senator – are most unusual and impressive. Inspired by the desire to understand her family’s past and to preserve the memory of her own people’s struggles, Dr. Poy dedicated herself to the intellectual enterprise of historical research and publication. Her first book, A River Named Lee, published in 1995, is about her family and her ancestors.

In 1998 Dr. Poy was appointed to the Senate of Canada – the first Canadian of Asian descent to be appointed to the Upper Chamber. Senator Poy has focused her attention on gender issues, multiculturalism and human rights. She was a sponsor of the Famous Five Monuments in Calgary and on Parliament Hill, which honour the five Alberta women who fought to have Canadian women recognized constitutionally as “persons” who were eligible to be named to the Senate. And it was Senator Poy who was primarily responsible for having May recognized as Asian Heritage Month across Canada.


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Zone I -2-3 MAY

Diane Bestwick Author banquet, and other great celebrations

A Fun and Fabulous Evening with Author  Diane Bestwick


Diane engaged us with her story of living in China and the motivation to write her book

“and a bird sang”

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at the beautifully appointed Golden City Restaurant

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Diane’s information table was fascinating.

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The 25th anniversary display was beautiful and informative.

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The dumpling raffle was a very fun success.

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First prize winner Doris was especially  delighted.

Thank you for your support. Over $400 came in from the dumpling raffle.

This money is earmarked for  1 Up Single Parent resource Center


C-Fax Miracle on Broad Street 

All profits from the sales of Diane’s book

and a bird sang

go to  post operative foster homes in China

The evening book sales resulted in a $365 deposit to  Diane’s chosen foster home.

Guest response

“The food and company were fantastic and I enjoyed Diane’s thoughtful presentation. It was a great evening!”

“When do the Chinese New Year’s tickets go on sale?”

  We were honoured with 3  more local authors 

attending as guests


Pat Nichol Becoming Courageous and Outrageous  courageous-outrageous

Donna Marie Lynch 50ish  50-ish

Melanie Eng Gutsy Lady Travel  gutsy-lady-travel


yasuko-thanh Yasuka Thahn

was represented by her mother and father. She had to miss the banquet last minute


to attend to her  nomination for the Rogers Writer’s Trust Fiction prize shortlist.

Lioness  certainly hope to entice some, or all  of them to be  future  author banquet presenters.

Special thanks


Anne Scott President District 19-I Lioness

 Victoria Chinatown Lions

La Limousines

Poppies Floral Art

VCKY padding club members

Fairway Gorge Padding  Club members

Diane’s many friends, and student Summer

and to guests who brought toiletries for our Mother’s Day boxes project

More Celebrations in October


Lioness celebrate  Chinatown Lion’s Club 60th anniversary

next up in November

Festival of Trees 25th Anniversary

Trees group shot

This is our last year’s tree. Visit the blog next month to see  and vote for our 2016 tree.

To start your 2017 right, celebrate with us

 Chinese New Year 2017 year of the Rooster


fancy rooster papercut

Reserve  Saturday January 21, 2017


Victoria Chinatown Lioness year of the  Rooster  New Year Banquet.

Tickets available soon.

CONTACT US  VictoriaChinatownLioness@gmail.com


“I am woman, hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore” : that’s us Lioness Ladies, as a collective !!! “

For background information

Santa’s AnonymousVolunteers and donation ideas

 Swallows Nest  success stories

See last month;s blog post for more information on

one child policy

Chinese children adoptees






Celebration : Women and Social Change



Lioness members proudly celebrated their 25th year a club  focused on helping women and children need.

Lioness Annette hosted a BBQ at her lovely home. Lioness Brenda organized memorabilia and prepared an anniversary time line packed with the events and organization to which VCL has contributed . Partners and children and friends shared a wonderful afternoon and evening.


“It was so wonderful to see all the pictures, albums, CDs and acknowledging how much time and energy that has gone into our Victoria Chinatown Lioness Club.    I feel so blessed to be part of this incredible club…and I look forward to serving with all of you in continuing our passion to promote community service, racial harmony and “welcoming women, regardless of class, race, and profession, who are interested in our club and its activities…” with the focus on Chinese culture and heritage.”

President Annette




This month we are hosting  local Nanaimo author Diane Bestwick who will read from  her fictional account of a young woman’s agonizing choice  for a second child under the one child policy. Diane will share her personal perspective based on her experiences in China  which have shaped her commitment to Swallows Nest , foster care for special needs children in Henan province. Set in the geopolitical  context  of women’s reproductive rights, and social policy, this topic invites conversation and action about women and children.


Stimulation for the mind

and a bird sang


Lioness  Vicki, owner of Golden City restaurant ,

will provide a sumptuous feast

jenanad vicki 2

 Stimulation for the appetite: the evening’s menu

Deep fried shrimp ball

Crispy whole chicken

Chili pepper pork chop

Sole Fillet with sweet and sour sauce

Stir fry beef with ginger and mushrooms

Stir fry prawn with deep fired milk

Shredded pork pan fried noodles

Fried rice with sunflower seeds



Extra fun will be had with  a special  dumpling raffle.

Bring your toonies!







For Dumpling and Chinese cooking  lessons and inspiration :

The Dumpling Sisters ( Utube )

My Grandmother’s Hands   by   Katherine Du PRI.org, Huffinton Post


For background information  on One Child Policy 

China’s Hidden Children: Abandonment, Adoption, and the Human Costs of the One-Child Policy  Mar 21 2016
by Kay Ann Johnson

My Daughter is my Daughter  by Kay Ann Johnson

One Child: The Story of China’s Most Radical Experiment  – Jan 5 2016  by Mei Fong

Forced Reproductive choice    Mei Fong Video

China’s One Child Daughters   June 2 , 2015 by Melissa Ludtke

Born Chinese Raised American  Feb 11 2016 by Maya Ludtke

Globe and Mail   The Tragic Tale of China’s Orphanages

The New Republic   China’s Missing Daughters









Summer to September : 25th Anniversary of VCL giving to the community and world

Victoria Dragon Boat festival

supporting Breast Cancer research

and celebrating survivors

dragon boat festival 2016

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Victoria Chinatown Lioness, Annette and  Pei Mei volunteers  at the Beer Garden, Galye and Amanda volunteers in the V.I.P. tent.


   Women 2 Warrior

supporting Easter Seals

W2W 20116

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Lioness Pei Mei, Annette, Lily, Galye , Donna and Amanda  helping out with registration.

Victoria Chinatown Lioness 25 anniversary 


VCL lioness family and friends celebrate 25 years of camaraderie and community service.

VCL Annual Author Banquet  

and a bird sang

Saturday October 22, 6 p.m.

tickets $40 : available through  VictoriaChinatownLioness@gmail.com

at Gala Fabric 1483 Douglas St, Victoria,

or your favourite Lioness

Book your table for  10 friends NOW

Diane in Bue


When Lei becomes pregnant with her second child, she faces the anguish of continuing her pregnancy or having a forced abortion as required by Chinese law.

Nanaimo author Diane Bestwick explores the personal tragedies of the Chinese one policy  in her poignant novel “And A Bird Sang” As a teacher in China for eight years, Diane first experienced the sad reality of the one child policy and  resulted in the  motivation to write her first book. Her book will be for sale at the banquet . It is also available at Amazon/Kindle , special order Munro Books.

 The money raised at this event goes directly back  to people in our community .

 Donation application form


 Chinese New Year 2017 year of the Rooster


fancy rooster papercut


Reserve  Saturday January 21, 2017  for Victoria Chinatown Lioness year of the  Rooster  New Year Banquet.   Tickets available soon.

CONTACT US  VictoriaChinatownLioness@gmail.com




Zone-i-2-informer- September 2016

Soapbox DG Lion’s Sept 2016




A GOLDEN OCTOBER|: Paul Yee Author Banquet, and Worth Our Weight In Gold October 2015


October Visit to the Royal BC Museum

Gold Rush

Lioness Worth Their Weight in Gold

Lioness Worth Their Weight in Gold


In 1858, reports of gold found on the Fraser River spurred tens of thousands of people – mostly men – to rush into the territory we now call British Columbia. They came with visions of fortune in their eyes. The lucky ones struck it rich, but most left penniless or died trying for the motherlode. Some stayed behind and helped build the colony and the province of British Columbia.

–   Edited by Kathryn Bridge

Lioness thoroughly enjoyed  a personalized  group tour of the Gold Rush exhibit. Dr Tzu-i Chung enlightened and entertained us as she  focused on the Chinese migrant contribution to the gold rush in British Columbia. It was a perfect introduction to our author banquet with Paul Yee.


 Paul Yee Author Banquet 


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” Let the words  fill your brain with images”

And they did.

Paul Yee, author and gifted story-teller transported us back to an almost lost history when the trans Canada  railway was complete and southern Chinese workmen forged on with their lives in a hostile  British Columbia . Only one short authored memoir has survived, and paper trails are scarce. Inspired by the  lost life stories of these men Paul presented  Superior Man .


                                                             FESTIVAL OF TREES




Join us for the 2015 Victoria Festival of Trees at The Bay Centre from November 18, 2015 – January 5, 2016.


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Every year, Victoria Festival of Trees creates a lush forest of beautifully decorated trees to raise funds for BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. Sponsors, local businesses, organizations and individuals come together and decorate trees in a sometimes wacky, often irreverent and always beautiful fashion. The festival invites visitors to browse through the holiday displays and donate to vote for their favourite trees. 

 In 2015, due to pending renovations at The Fairmont Empress, Victoria’s favourite festival will relocate to another high-profile and historical Victoria venue – The Bay Centre. 

For the first time the Victoria Chinatown Lioness is a tree sponsor at the festival . Please come an enjoy all the trees, and look for our special tree!  

Last year more than 20,000 votes were cast and participants raised more than $129,000.

WOW !!!!  This tree looks amazing – Ladies, you have done an AWESOME job ….. kudos to you. Jennifer and your committee (who were they all?), you did a terrific job –
Lots of hours sewing, cutting, stitching, designing.Many thanks for all your efforts


Author Banquet and Officer Installation




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The spring author banquet was an evening of superb food, company and thought.

Evelyn Lau humbly and passionately shared her craft with humor and grace. She provided a personal overview of her journey as an author of prose and poetry. Her readings were drawn from her original book Runaway: The Diary of a Street Kid , and her recent  books of poetry.

Some thoughts she shared:


Poetry is important. It is the internal place to slow down, meditate and revisit a line or an image.

In writing, especially poetry, words form unique and exact images.

Listen for the sound rhythm and taste of words.


There is a need for space, time, and solitude to think and read without internet or cell phone.

Uncluttered internal space is essential.

In creating, there is an almost mystical need for time and gestation.

There is a need to wait.


To younger writers:

Learn a trade that involves not too much thinking so you can go home and write.


Alice Munro


Thank you Evelyn  and all who attended.

Your participation and book purchases added over $800 to the Lioness fund and contributed  to the  $5000 donation to Nepal.


               2015  OFFICER  INSTALLATION


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Dynamic leadership is a key component in the vitality of The Victoria Chinatown Lioness .  New and continuing officers  are installed each spring. This year Lion Brian joined our celebration and  officiated.

 Congratulations !

Canada Day Living Flag

Join us  on Canada day, July 1 , in the creation of a living flag.

Lioness will be on hand helping .



The busy month of May for Victoria Chinatown Lioness


Chinatown Tours

Chinarown tour school mural 3

Lioness Charlayne shared a wonderful  Year of the Ram/sheep mural thank you gift from a school Chinatown Tour. The tours are one of the clubs ongoing fundraisers and are open to all interested groups.
Lioness Sarah Memorial Paver

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Lioness Ellen saw through the completion of the  Lioness Sarah memorial paver  on the Esquilmalt Centennial Memorial Walkway .


Hike for Hospice



Hike for Hospice 2015

Lioness Amanda organized,  and Lioness  Charlyane and Brenda  joined in,  to represented the Victoria Lioness Club in the Hike for Hospice.

Thank you all for donations totaling $845.



Mother’s Day gift boxes



Lioness Michelle Mother's day organizer


Lioness Michelle orchestrated the annual Mother’s Day gift boxes for the Single Parent Resource Center and the Victoria Woman’s Transition House.

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Generous donations helped us prepare and deliver over 230 boxes this year. We extend special thank you to Lioness Amanda’s dentist who donated toothbrushes and toothpaste for each box, plus a many more  to give to Our Place. Thank you Dr Tyler Crowe of  Dr. Tyler Crowe & Dr. Duncan Kemp Cosmetic, Implant and Family Dentistry in Oak Bay.


Victoria Day Parade

Lioness Ellen is organizing the  annual Victoria Chinatown Lioness participation  in the Victoria Day Parade May 18 . We hope to see you there!

Lioness Ellen shares :

“We started to participate in the parade about 20 years ago. At the beginning, we only had few people, one time,  I  marched with Lioness Penny only, on behalf of Lioness.  After that, we joined CCBA and walk under the Chinese community team. This year we are joining the Zone 19  Lion and Lioness

We love to  participating because :  

1/ The parade is a great way to get out and let the public see us and to build community spirit . 

2/  The weather has always been always gorgeous and it is fun for our club to get together to do  some fun things, we  see different beautiful floats and wonderful marching bands all over the venue .  

3/ How often can you wave your hand like the queen ! “


Evelyn Lau Author Talk and Banquet 


Saturday May 30 at Golden City Restaurant , The Victoria Chinatown Lioness will host Vancouver author Evelyn Lau as part if our fundraising and  cultural outreach to the Victoria community. Tables are selling fast . Please do not delay to contact a Lioness for seats.




Author Evelyn Lau talk and Banquet May 30

evelyn-lauGlobe and Mail  

We are excited to announce that our annual author dinner will be on Saturday, May 30th

This year’s author will be Evelyn Lau a Vancouver writer who has published eleven books, including six volumes of poetry.  Her memoir Runaway:  Diary of a Street Kid, was published when she was 18, and made into a CBC movie The Diary of Evelyn Lau,  starring Sandra Oh in her first major role. Evelyn Lau began publishing poetry at the age of 12; her creative efforts helped her escape the pressure of home and school. In 1985, at age 14, Lau left home and spent the next several years living  in Vancouver as an itinerant homeless person.


Evelyn’s prose works have been translated into a dozen languages;  her poetry has received the Milton Acorn Award, the Pat Lowther Award, a National Magazine Award and a Governor-General’s nomination.  Her collection, A Grain of Rice (Oolichan, 2012) was shortlisted for a BC Book Prize and the Pat Lowther Award.  Evelyn has served as Vancouver’s 2011-2014 Poet Laureate.  She has read from and discussed her work at literary festivals and universities around the world; she presently freelances as a mentor to aspiring writers through UBC’s booming Ground and SFU’s Writing and Publishing Program.

By the Author:
          Runaway : Diary Of A  Street Kid (1989)
          You Are Not Who You Claim ( 1990)
Oedipal Dreams(1992)
Fresh Girls and Other Stories ( 1993)
In the House of Slaves ( 1994)
Other Woman ( 1995)
Choose Me ( 1999)
Inside Out (2001)
Treble ( 2005)
A Grain of Rice (2012)
Living Under Plastic (2010)
Author Honours:
2011 Shortlist – Pat Lowther Award for Poetry
Author awards:
2011 Pat Lowther Award for Poetry
Author reviews:
A Grain of Rice – Reviewed by Michael Dennis
A Grain of Rice – Reviewed by Zach Matteson for PRISM

“Now the long tracts of silence.

But who knows, a silence

perhaps as worthy as noisy labour,

the way the contemplation of a simple object—

bruised pear in the bowl,

lump of sea glass on the sill—

might squeeze more meaning out of the moment

than all this frantic busyness we’re praised for.”

– Evelyn Lau: A Grain of Rice

The annual author dinner will be on Saturday, May 30th at 6pm at Golden City Restaurant

(721 Fisgard Street).

The cost per person will be $40.00 seated at  banquet tables of 10 . 

If you would like to book seats or tables please  or contact a Lioness.

Janie Chang, Guest author, October 4, 2014

Janie Chang

Janie Chang is a Canadian novelist who draws upon family history for her writing.

She grew up listening to stories about ancestors who encountered dragons, ghosts, and  immortals, and about life in a small Chinese town in the years before the Second World War.

She is a graduate of The Writer’s Studio at Simon Fraser University.

Three Souls book cover

Preview of Three Souls: a novel set in China

Pinghu, China

January 1935

We have three souls, or so I’d been told.

But only in death could I confirm this.

The moment the priest spoke the last prayer and sealed my coffin, I awoke and floated upward in a slow drift of incense smoke, until I could travel no farther. I settled in the rafters of the small temple, a sleepy wraith perched in the roof beams. I had knowledge, but no memory. My first thoughts were confused, for clearly this was the real world. But surely I no longer belonged here. When would I take my journey to the afterlife?

Another sold out event for Victoria Chinatown Lioness. Fabulous food, as to be expected  at  Golden City Restaurant, followed by an engaging  talk by Ms Chang.

Olivia Chow Author Talk, February 2014

Sunday, February 9th, 2014              

 The Victoria Chinatown Lioness Club presents

MP Olivia Chow

Banquet and Book talk  MY JOURNEY

Olivia Chow—Member of Parliament, seasoned politician and widow of former New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton—tells her story in this candid memoir. What drives Olivia Chow? How did she emerge from a turbulent childhood to become an inspiring political force? What influences and events have shaped her life? And how is she continuing her quest after losing her partner in life and politics?  What might we learn from her inspiring story? Those answers are here, in “Olivia: My Canadian Journey.”          

Books will be available for purchase. Net proceeds go to the Victoria Chinatown Lioness Club’s Charity Account.