A New Lioness Year

After suspending meetings for the summer, we are back for a new Lioness year.  With the new year, comes a new board of directors although many will seem like familiar faces!

Drum roll please.  Here is the new Victoria Chinatown Lioness board for 2019-2020.  Thanks to Zone Chair, Eleanor Bawden for hosting our board ceremony.  (Please note that the picture is not the order of the positions.  In fact, there were board members who were not able to attend the ceremony so are not in the photograph.)

President:  Lily Yee

Past President:  Pei Mei Chia

1st Vice-President:  Joanne Wong

2nd Vice-President:  Gaylene Yeung

Secretary(s):  Donna May & Connie Haselden

Treasurers:  Gayle Chong & Penny Lai

Lion Tamer:  Marlee Loiselle

Tail Twister:  Susanne Phillips

1-year Director:  Amanda Mills

2-year Directors:  Pat Hannah & Connie Haselden

Okay.  We are ready to go again!

We would also like to congratulate Victoria Chinatown Lioness member Marlee Loiselle as she volunteered to be secretary for the Lioness District!  Thanks Marlee!