New Board of Directors

Our June meeting is always a big club event.  It is typically the meeting where we install a new board of directors.  This year, we welcomed Lioness District Liaison, Anne Scott to officiate the installations.

Here is our new board for 2018-2019.

New Tail Twister:  Lioness Susanne.  Bringing calm to the chaos.

tail twister susanne

New Directors:  Lioness Pat, Connie and Gaylene.  May they keep our club steady and on track based on the club’s mandates.

new directors

New Treasurers:  Lioness Gayle and Penny.  The guardians of the club’s purse strings.

new treasurers

First Vice President:  Lioness Amanda (far right)

Second Vice:  Lioness Annette  These are the right hand (wo)men to the president.  They can fill in presidential duties should the president be unavailable as well as assist the president in her duties.

new vice presidents

Past President:  Lioness Pei Mei  Having had the experience, the past president can provide insight and help guide the incoming president through the sometimes tricky road of leadership.

past prez

And our new fearless leader:  Lioness Lily.  El Capitan

new prez

Cheers to our new board.  May we be continue to be active and involved with our community as always.

new board